Nov 14

Back to while_one project on the STM32F4-Discovery

I have left my STM32F4-Discovery in its box for a long time while, among others, working on Nand2Tetris, but I have been missing it. I would now like to rebuild the while_one project from scratch and continue from there, with only the bare necessities:

the two latter simply being unpacked in my home directory, with the purpose of serving as code copy/paste sources, my idea being to include as little generic code as possible in my projects, in order to keep control over it. The tool chain from “GNU Tools” is of course also my tool chain.
I basically run the same procedure as described in Running ARM samples on the STM32F4-Discovery, except that I run GDB in Emacs (M-gdb, command edited to arm-none-eabi-gdb -i=mi). I also change the original ARM Makefile to compile with debugging symbols (see Stm32F4DiscoveryTest).
I can then step through the source code, both the startup assembly code and the C-code in Emacs by using stepi in GDB.
Note: I finally keep the structure provided by the samples in GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors because it has a simple Makefile hierarchy, and seems to limit boilerplate code to a minimum. My intention is to build further from minimum.c, which basically is a “while one” program (it is actually a “for (;;);” program).