Nand2Tetris: ALU implemented and verified (project 2)

My project 2 of Nand2Tetris is now completed, and I have a working ALU. In the process of implementing it, I also created 2 more chips. I had interpreted the book‘s instructions as an encouragement to build at least one separate chip as a building block that would be used at least twice in the ALU.
As mentioned in previous posts, the course is entirely free and open, and I am taking it as self studies at home. Ironically, although my academic education (that ended more than 20 years ago) is highly ranked (at least in France, where I took it), I did not have many courses at that level of quality, or many teachers who were as inspiring as Shimon Schocken.
This course is just amazing, and I urge anyone interested in computer science to take it.
Anyway, the ALU is now working. So I should be able to implement it in Minecraft red stone, right? :-) Well, I do have other things to do in my life.
After all, I have to add some sequential logic to that computer I am building.

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